Koshouji Megumi

コショージ メグミ


Coshotan, Megumon


28 September 1993 (Age 25)

Professional Status

Maison book girl


Spice Member (味つけ担当, 2013 - 2014, as a member of BiS)

Years Active


Associated Acts

BiS, BiS Kaidan



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Koshouji Megumi (コショージ メグミ) is a Japanese singer, poet and DJ under EKOMS. She is a founder and member of Maison book girl and a former member of BiS.


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Promoting FiNAL DANCE / nerve

Biography Edit

Koshouji Megumi joined BiS on November 19th 2013, after having previously been a fan of the group. Her first single, STUPiG, was released January 22nd, 2013. Just a couple of months after her initiation, BiS announced they would disband on July 8th. Her only studio album with the group, WHO KiLLED IDOL? was released in March.

At BiS' disbandment live, Koshouji announced that she would form a new unit, Maison book girl, with former Izukoneko producer Sakurai Kenta.

Maison book girl officially debuted in March 2015 with the indies singles white and black, and their first album, bath room was released in September that same year.

In 2016, Koshouji appeared as a guest vocalist on Gomess' album, "Joukei -Kouhen-" on the track "Saigo no Hi"

In 2018, Koshouji Megumi started making frequent appearances on BYS.

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  • Was often made fun of for her resemblance to former member Mogami Moga.
  • As of 2018, every single audition boot camp finalist who was named after her (Koshouji Megumu, Ooshouji Megumi and Choushouji Megumi) has successfully debuted in her old group, BiS